Hello, I'm Mary


I'm a wife, a mom and a grammy, living in Northern California.  Hub and I are both retired and loving it. I enjoy watercolor painting and find time when ever I can to paint.


My original watercolor paintings have been recreated and turned into  Giclée prints by scanning them and then processing them in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  They are then printed in-house, onto cold press finished watercolor paper using our Canon Pixma Pro printer.  Most designs are made up into 4 sizes; 11X14 inches, 8X10 inches, 5X7 inches, or a fold over card that measures 4.25X5.5 inches after the fold.


The final prints are signed by hand in pencil, scored if they are cards, then sealed into plastic sleeves with backing and a little writeup about me.  Finally, they are placed into the Etsy shop, delivered to local stores to be stocked, or, very occasionally, they might go to an art show.


I love what I do.  It is such a pleasure to have the time in my life to paint.  I'm living a dream I've had since I was young.  I thank God for the desire and the ability to create beautiful things.  I am more at peace at this time of my life than I have ever been.  It is a joy to send a large share of my profits to International Justice Missions, my favorite charity.

me today.jpg

The text and photo at the top of the page will soon be 15 years old.  The photo was taken on my wedding day in 2007.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.  I don't want to change it, but I do want to have a genuine relationship with you, my visitor.   This is me today and I'm still painting and enjoying my life in spite of issues in health and energy that those white hairs imply.

I have changed my business name from With Love from Mary to Mary Braz Designs.  I've added many new features to this website so that I might be able to sell my prints and paintings here.  In order to do that, I find I must learn how to promote myself more.  So here I am, shamelessly inviting you to join my monthly news letter which will put you in touch with lots of fun facts like how I go from a video of a butterfly to a painting and print that you might like to paint too, or purchase for your wall.