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I brought this little shamrock plant (Oxalis) home 6 weeks ago hoping to be inspired for St. Patrick's day graphics. Actually, I snatched it from the nursary's hot house when it was new and recently planted. It was in a delicate condition, but it adjusted quickly and even flourished while sitting on the window sill above my kitchen sink. I was delighted when it began blooming. The leaves are delicate and elegant and the gentle pink flowers so sweet. I've bonded with it now, it will stay on my window sill.

Here's what I found when I "googled" it. The plant stays compact if kept in a pot which makes it an ideal house or office plant in many respects. But it has a surprise!

Rather than being intrinsically linked with the soil like many other plants, Oxalis is linked to the soil by its tiny bulbs. If we forget to water it, or if the temperature drops too low, everything above the surface will wilt and die back to take refuge in the bulbs below. As soon as good conditions are restored the plant comes back to life amazingly fast.

The St. Patty's Day card is in the store.

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