This week on Instagram a fello artist and calligrapher left a comment that she missed my posting the process of my paintings. So, I thought I'd share on this page how this week's tomato painting went from garden (see previous post) to a printed card or artprint.

There are two ways I like to paint. One way is to use a minimal amount of washes and to let my brush strokes create the shape of my subject with one or two passes using a heavy to light pressure; and sometimes twisting the brush into a point before I lift it off the watercolor paper. I love the loose look of those types of paintings and the almost impressionistic feel they give. However, another method is to focus in on the subject, making it look as realistic as possible with many layers or washes. The later is the method I used on the 3 tomatoes here.

I used filters on some of the photos above because the original painting was quite intense. The prints are just right because I can back off on some of that intensity in Adobe Illustrator.

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