It's official! Summer has faded away and Autumn has arrived! We are all so ready for the cooler weather and the harbringer of good things to come in the form of pumpkins. Right? Well, there are also the pretty leaves, acorns and hot drinks to tickle our fancies too.

I've just come back from stocking "Made in Chico". I'll go up to Paradise tomorrow. Today I'm updating the shopping carts.

I've got an original painting all framed and ready to ship to the first one who wants to grab it. This is the first original painting I've considered selling so far. Aaron Brothers Art Mart was having a half off sale and I've snatched up some pretty frames. This one was my favorite but it was the last one available. You can read more about it in the shopping cart at Etsy. http://www.etsy/MaryBraz

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