I've been working on Christmas cards all day. You can see by the date that this is Halloween day. As I passed by my desk a couple of hours ago, I took this photo because I was struck by the irony of retail. Doesn't it seem strange to see a happy pumpkin mixed in with Christmas cards with Thanksgiving still a month away?

I'm so happy to have my art in "Made in Chico". By the way, they carry a lot of "WoofnPoof" items. Their merchandiser always has their displays looking magical. We are asked to bring in our Christmas merchandise by the first of November! So, I started thinking about Christmas cards back in July. Can you believe it? If you live in Chico or Paradise, be sure to stop by. You won't be disappointed! I wanted to explain a couple of things about this website. I've decided to eliminate the shopping cart I started out with. It was becoming a burden to work on two and ETSY is such a good way to showcase and sell my art prints. For you, I think it's just nicer to see everything I have that's current and ready to ship to you on one page. So, I will try to keep ETSY as current as I can.

Check out the "Freebe" page. I've got the Thanksgiving place cards back so you can download them if you didn't do that last year. Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween celebration!


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