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There is a phenomenon that happens every year in our back yard. We have two trees growing side by side (I don't know what kind they are) that in March are heavy with clusters of white blossoms. The bees and the trees have a love affair. During that cycle, each time we go outside the buzzing sounds in the trees are so loud it seems as if the trees might be lifted up and carried away. Once they have have had their way with the blossoms, and the petals begin to drop, and the show begins. If the wind picks up a little, and it always will in March, the effect is the most lovely petal storm. Each time I walk outside I feel like I'm in a movie! :)

This year I cut a branch to paint the blossoms along with some succulents that have survived the winter. This painting comes in 3 sizes and can found on the Etsy Store.

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