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Happy Spring! I'm posting this on April 1st, and the sun is shining at our house! How about you?

I was shopping at my favorite natural food store this week and these tulips caught my eye. It's so unusual to see them for sale with the bulbs intact. I have admired botanical artists who paint tulips with their bulbs; so these lovely, pink, double tulips found their way into my shopping cart. I wasn't planning on painting the next day, but Etsy changed my mind.

Etsy is where I sell my cards and art prints on line and they are changing their format. They're really good at marketing and I wanted to follow their suggestion of showing the phases we go through to create our product. So, while I was painting this pretty tulip, I snapped pics, then continued shooting through all 5 stages. You can read about the process on Etsy.

This new way of branding our shop and showing our creative process from start to finish to the world will be rolled out on Tuesday, April 5th. So, today I want to give you a tiny peek at some of the photos I've used. I'll be offering a 20% off special on April 5 for all the prints in the shop (with the exception of customized orders). So if you're interested, do plan ahead.

Please note you can special order any of my designs. The text or scripture I put with many of my paintings may not be what you would like. So, if you would like to get started with a custom order while on Etsy, just click on the button, "Request Custom Order".

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