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This painting has been an adventure in patience and learning for me. It all started when Hub's daughter invited me to come clip some roses from her back yard. I had the fun of taking as many cuttings as I wanted. It occurred to me once I was home I could deconstruct this rose by laying it all out flat on a white background the way I saw it done by Annie at wildfieldpapercompany during a class I took from her in February.

Once the photo was scanned and enhanced in Photoshop, I printed it out and from that printout, drew this rose several times. Once I was satisfied with the drawing I was able to lay a sheet of draft paper over it and draw a pen and ink image using Micron Pens. (I learned that from Annie too.) I scanned the pen and ink into my computer and proceeded to paint the first stage wash.

The first stage painting was scanned next. After a lot of work on the pen and ink image I could layer it over the first stage wash for an interesting new image; the one below.

This version of the painting has been made into Mother's Day cards and can be found in my Etsy shop. The finished painting is still waiting to me to find the time to work with it but will be available soon.

Happy Mother's Day!

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