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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I have been wanting to write about the best way to frame my prints for quite a while. I hope this post makes it easier to know what to do if you should decide to purchase one of my prints for framing.

The store in Chico where I stock regularly carries my designs in one size only. They want blank, fold-over, seasonal, greeting cards with envelopes. So when I come up with a new design, it is usually compatible with a 4.25X5.5" card. The trouble is there are no pre-made frames you can buy for that size print. A customized frame would be the only alternative.

Online, most of my sales are art prints. So, I am designing for customers who want to purchase my prints for greeting cards or for framing by popping them into a standard frame.

To that end, I've worked out a method of reproducing my watercolors onto the actual watercolor paper I use to paint the design in watercolor. I've also worked out a way to deckle the edges for some of the more traditional designs...especially the botanical style paintings. I include an envelope for the smaller sizes so that the customer has an option of giving the print as a gift or keeping it to frame.

The current catch, though, is with the deckled edges. They look lovely, and I've been offering the prints that way. They are catching on but it's tricky to frame them. If your deckled print is exactly the size of the standard frame offered, such as 4X6", 5X5", 5X7" etc, here is what you should know.

A deckled, print, for example 5X5", will fit into a 5X5" frame and look nice, but the deckled edge won't show. If you want to float it within a purchased frame, you will want to lay it atop a background that sets it off well, then place it in a frame the next size up.

The card at the top of the page is printed onto white Inkjet Strathmore paper with a watercolor paper texture, and is specifically designed for replicating watercolor artwork.

The one above (same design) is printed onto Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. Both papers are expensive and specific to high quality watercolor painting and printing.

The best advice I can give is, if you want to purchase a deckled print, contact me so we can discuss it. Otherwise I will send it in the size specified.

Or you can take your print to Aaron Brothers Art Mart or to Michales Arts and Crafts, or any art store for that matter, and talk to the people in the framing department. Have them lay out your art print in their frames so you can visualize how it will look when finished. It won't cost anything extra in money to do that, only time.

This print (the same design and paper as one at the top of the page) was simply cut within the lines and placed into a frame. The print was 5.5 X 5.5 and then cut to the size of 5X5" and placed into a 5X5' frame. No deckled edges.

Here is a hand deckled, 4X6 inch print of Lobelia, printed onto Arches watercolor paper.

And here it is floated by laying it atop a mat a little darker than the paper and placed into a 5X7" frame.

If I were to take this print to a framing department of an art store, they could make it look even nicer. If you love the print, it's really worth the extra effort.

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