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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

I've been exploring and learning so much since I decided to keep my sketchbook! My head is spinning. And it's all because of a sweet lady I met on Instagram from Italy with a Greek name who lives in England. Nimarta.

Nimarta requested I make a video of my process painting a Painted Lady butterfly. It's easy she said! Well, that was an adventure! I have now painted 3 Painted Lady butterflies because at each stage I stopped to take a picture.

But you know what? The process of learning about butterflies, their family names and how they're differently shaped, and even where the veins are and what they're called??? That was precious and interesting. And as an artist, definitely something to pursue. That's where the journaling comes in, but enter PINTEREST! Because that's where the research is sped up!

Here is my new Pinterest board entitled Watercolor Journaling.

And here is the YouTube video about how I painted a painted lady.

This rest will all be self explanatory. Who has more fun than this white haired lady?

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