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You know those times when from all different directions, circumstances come together and the results is perfect? Well, here's my story.

About a week after Hub and I returned home from a fun fishing vacation with my daughter and her husband, this plant was delivered to my doorstop. I wasn't expecting any packages so was excited and happy to open this lovely gift and find it was from my daughter. What a sweetheart.

The hydrangea, Calla lilies and oregano came together to make a fresh and beautiful arrangement. But the hydrangea! It just sparkled with pretty and pink. I had seen watercolor paintings of hydrangeas and wondered if I would ever want to paint one.

By the start of the next week, after checking my calendar, I realized I could devote as many days in this week as I wanted to a project like this. By the end of the work day week my pretty, perfect storm was born.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I revealed my process through the days from start to finish. Today I printed the image out in different sizes, and on different papers. This afternoon, I've finished a little photo shoot and will be adding the prints to my Etsy shop tomorrow.

It was a great week. I love to paint and tomorrow I will mail off a new "thank you" card to my daughter. We do text throughout the week, but there's nothing that says love like receiving a tangible gift in the mail.

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