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Pink Cosmos Cluster

I have always enjoyed custom orders because they open my thoughts to new things. Creating someone else's vision takes me to a place I may never have considered. They motivate me to learn new things and to grow in my art.

So I have two I want to post today, because I'm excited about them both. The pink cosmos painting I posted at the start of summer was doing fine on Pinterest, but not getting much reaction on Etsy. So I was delighted when a visitor wanted to use them along with 2 other paintings in frames that were 6 inches in width and 4 inches tall. All 3 designs were originally designed to go into the standard 4X6, 5X7 or 8X10 frames. So laying them on their sides caused me to think outside the box. When I saw the horizontal layouts, I liked them and changed the original cosmos layout to include more scattered looking flowers, rather than in their strict botanical pose.

These, pretty in pinks are still thriving in our back yard in spite of the heat. And this one is special to my heart because it was the first bud to show up and bloom before I even knew what it was. You can click on her listing here.

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