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Like everyone I know, I am annually surprised to see Christmas being promoted before Halloween and Thanksgiving. To be honest, I don't start my Christmas shopping until December. That being said, I am usually starting my Christmas designs in July so that I am able to spend Christmas with my family.

So, in order to show you what is on our production board now, I will need to sneak in some Christmas previews.

The calendars are ready to be purchased and my sweet hub has put his heart into making our holders beautiful. This year he made them out of American Walnut; sanding them and then finishing them with 4 coats of protective glaze. Aren't they pretty?!

I'm excited about the following items that will be going into our ETSY SHOP for Christmas because they are a fulfillment of some dreams I've had for a while. I've been learning to go beyond cards and art prints and into pattern design. I've been learning to create repeat patterns using some of the elements from my own archives.

We will be listing our Christmas wrap and tea towels soon. They are in our shop but we're still busy with the gathering of packaging materials and with taking promotion photos. These new products are all an extension of a simple wreath, painted from some of the elements in our own back yard.

Tea towels at With Love from Mary.

5X5.5 inch fold over Christmas Cards.

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