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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I realize that the super-bloom in California has faded, but things are still blooming in our studio. Just have a look at our studio desk top! It was a pretty mess for for quite a while,

art studio desk top

but we have delivered these new beauties to "Made in Chico" and they are in our Etsy Store this week. I've put all the preliminary drawings and inkings, test prints, etc. into their folders and we're starting to move on to a series of house plants and greenery.

We hope you'll stop by Made in Chico or our Etsty shop and have a look at our new wildflower series.

We've also reorganized our inventory at Etsy into sections, to make it easier for browsing. Such as Wildflowers, Garden Flower Botanicals, Scripture Art, etc. I hope that makes it more interesting to look around online.

Do let me know if you see anything at our shop that doesn't make sense to you. Our customers are our best editors. I love hearing from you.

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