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I try to post at least once a month and somehow the days are slipping by really fast! We have been busy with vacation time, family and birthdays. Throughout it all, I manage to keep painting.

Here are a few of my recent paintings. I'm putting some on Etsy today and Monday these will all be delivered to Made in Chico.

The sunflower was from our back yard. 2 came up voluntarily this year and this was the smallest. It measured 12 inches across! I put the little goldfinch there to give perspective to the size of the flower.

I've been wanting to offer a painting with an over the top sort of presentation of house plants. I've seen these on Pinterest and have admired them. Here's my version. As always, I mostly paint what I see before me. The Monstera leaves were the hardest for me because I was working from a photograph.

And finally, here is a painting of Hub's hammers. This is one of two paintings I did for his birthday. He has 16 hammers, but these are his favorites. This design was made into cards for him to use in his correspondence. He ordered 10 of them. :) The anatomy of a hammer is available on Etsy.

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