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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

It's that time of year when Christmas images are peeking out around Thanksgiving, and it is no different in my studio. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday begins.

Here are some of the cards that will be showing up on the shelves at Made in Chico. The cards above are there now and will be replenished again on November 20.

Preview Night in Chico is Sunday, November 24. This is a very special event to those of us who live in and around Chico. Downtown merchants roll out the red carpet and present their finest in hometown hospitality, debuting their holiday offerings, showing off fabulous decorations, and providing delicious refreshments and entertainment. There will be strolling carolers, and SANTA with photo opportunities with the kids.

After November 24th, I will go back and replenish their shelves again with more Christmas cards. I have no art prints there, though, only cards.

Black Friday at With Love From Mary is ready for you now!

There is free shipping on our calendars. All of our Christmas cards are dropped to $5.00 each so that you might choose your own sets. All items will have free shipping with any purchase of $35.00 or more.

My Etsy shop will go dark, one week before Christmas. That's so Hub and I can be ready for our family festivities!

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