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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Halloween is less than a week away as I write this post. Hub and I have been working on the calendars, and they are almost ready. He is putting the finishing touches on the wooden holders, and I am busy tweaking layout and printing pages.

The birth flower calendar is the same as last year, just updated for 2022. The back, however has changed. I thought it would be nice to feature a 5X7 print of the 12 birth flowers. It's always nice to have a guide to use for looking them up.

The scripture calendar features mostly wild flowers and herbs with their bees and butterflies. There are 3 pages that are not, but are fresh paintings from 2021. There are 7 pages using biblical scripture and 5 pages with only the image. I'm really happy with the way this scripture calendar turned out. Here's a little sneak peek of the pages.

If you would like to order calendars ahead of time, I would be happy to keep a list. Please specify with or without the holder which is $5.00 extra. The birth flower calendar is already published on Etsy, and the scripture calendar will be in a couple more days. I usually get a run on them in December, so it's always good to plan ahead. Last year I ran out of supplies and had to close the shop.

Happy Halloween to those who have young ones or who are young at heart! Stay safe!

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