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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The phone call came in around 4:15 am that my brother, my only sibling, had passed away. It's interesting, or maybe providential, but the moment my cell phone rang I knew it was my nephew and why he was calling at this hour.

I was grateful I had recently talked with Lew, and that he remembered me. It was a good conversation. I had sent him some photos of our parents, our grandfather and the two of us as teen agers. We talked about them all. I got to remind him he was special, thought of often, and not alone.

Now his mind is at peace and he is with his family.

Hub's 3 daughters gave me this beautiful peony bush as a memorial for Lew. The botanical name is, Paeonia lactiflora ‘Jan van Leeuwen' and it was immediately planted in our front yard by my sweet Hub. I finished this watercolor painting of a blossom from the bush yesterday, and today I am deciding if I want to add it to my collections. I think it prints well.

Lewis John Brewer, 1940 ~ 2023

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