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It's time to bring out the spicy fragrances, the fall pumpkins and all the good things that come with the end of the harvest, isn't it? It sure seems like Fall has arrived suddenly.

I've named this blog post "Autumn Potpourri" because I have a myriad of thoughts swirling around in my head like autumn leaves. I have summarized them by defining what I want to say in a blog post and what will get said in my new monthly news letter. I feel the blog post is a little more personal now, and the newsletter has to do exclusively with my latest listings, paintings, videos. All things regarding the art I promote. So, that being said, I feel freer to get personal here.

Some of my friends who have been following are wondering about my physical condition, and I want to explain with as much brevity as I can muster up. In a nutshell, my drop foot is still the same as it was when I first woke up from my knee surgery in that I still can not walk without an AFO. Ankle-foot Orthoses. I am very limited with how long I can walk without having to stop and rest. The good news is that the intense pain is gone. I still have pain but nothing that I can't live with if I limit my activity. So, painting and computing is, happily, still something I can do that I enjoy.

Unfortunately, I fell about a month ago and landed on my shoulder. So, back I go to physical therapy twice a week to make sure my shoulder can heal properly and I can have good function in that joint again. I can still paint, but not without a bit of achy pain.

Happily, October has opened up to some great family plans. To begin with, we're having a visit from my daughter whom I haven't seen since before the pandemic; followed by Hub's daughter and his nephew who are arriving shortly after Debbie leaves. About the time they drive back home, his grand daughter and her husband will arrive for close to a week. So, October is pretty well taken up with fun visits and for sure, less painting.

I'll still be able to answer questions, print and ship graphics, and communicate via all the usual ways. So, please do stay in touch! I don't want to miss a thing.

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