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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

I've always thought of Proverbs 31 as a seasonal proverb. I see it the most on Mother's Day. The writer of this proverb describes the virtues of a woman the likes of which I would never be able achieve. At least that's what I thought until today.

I was reading a blog by Ruth Chou Simmons, Gracelaced. Here is what she said that grabbed me.

"The promise of being clothed in strength and dignity frees us for joy and laughter as we look to the future. ⁠⁠


God promises His strength is enough—our job is to simply trust Him.⁠⁠

God covers us with dignity—our worth is found in Him alone.⁠⁠


Claiming these truths lets us face whatever comes our way with confidence because He was, and is, and will always be everything that we need."

I spent the most of this week catching free time here and there to work on creating a bouquet from some flowers I purchased at S & S, here in Chico. So, this is an autumn bouquet with all the wrong colors and with scripture that doesn't match the season either. Or does it???? Maybe as we head into the busy season of school starting and autumn leaves reminding us that Thanksgiving is near and after know where I'm going. Right?

I just love that all I have to do is rest in the arms of the Lord and HE will create in me the woman he wants me to be with all of the virtues of Christ. Because I'm living in Him and He in me. I already am "The Virtuous Woman". And so are you, my friend.

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