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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

It all started a couple days ago when I realized I had never offered the pink lily as an individual print on Etsy after I finished the summer bouquet. I started test printing the lily on various papers and then fell in love with this delicate flower all over again.

Originally painted on June 11, 2019, I was working on the lily at night using the new lighting Hub gave me for my birthday in May. I was alone in my shop listening to the laughter of my husband and his friends as they were playing a friendly game of poker. It’s always nice to have a pleasant memory attached to a painting like this.

Once I listed the prints, I took out the original paintings for the bouquet and decided it was time to start offering them for purchase, starting with the pink lily. I framed it in walnut and thought it looked great.

Here it is heavily edited in Photoshop in order to remove the glare of the glass in the frame.

And here is the first sunflower painting for the bouquet. I'll be preparing the second sunflower painting for sale soon.

Although this is a mockup, this is exactly how it looks on my wall at home in an ash frame. The frame size is 11X14 with an 8x10 opening for the painting. This sunflower was a little different. Rather than the usual bright yellow to orange petals of most sunflowers this unique sunflower was a pale yellow. It is often described in shades of vanilla. I just know I fell in love with it at first sight. The original painting has been scanned into my computer and I've kept the vanilla quality of the yellow shade in the bouquet. It's botanical name is Helianthus annuus Italian white sunflower, in case you want to search for more information about it.

I hope you enjoy your summer! I'm planning a little vacation with some of my kids, hoping to take them to our favorite fishing place over Labor Day weekend. I'll close the Etsy shop while we're vacationing. But first, thinking of a summer sale. I'm thinking I'll offer free shipping on everything.

I hope you're staying cool, getting together again now that so many of us are twice vaccinated, and enjoying your lives without so many restrictions. Please do stay safe and healthy!

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