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Happy New Year?

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Impossible as it may seem, we will get through this time of uncertainty. I believe it with all my heart and that we will do it together. It is no accident that this was the last listing I offered before I took a relaxing vacation.

I closed my Etsy shop in December and promised to re-open around the 8th of January. While getting caught up with mail, Christmas, and restocking the shop for the coming year, I updated my computer, then lost the ability to reboot. SO, long story short, yesterday my nice new, much faster, iMac arrived and today I am in the process of reopening my Etsy shop.

I'm happy to say, I have decided to start offering original paintings for sale in my shop. It took a while to come to this decision. I put all my original works in a portfolio and took a week to decide which ones I was willing to part with..

4 Zinnias and a Sunflower, was painted in late summer, 2020. This is one of my favorite paintings. It is going to be hard to part with this because I am so happy with it. But I am willing to send it to a good home. :). This is also painted with Daniel Smith artist grade watercolor pigments; and is painted on Dick Blick Premier 140 hot press (smooth) paper. The size is 8.5 x 11 inches.

The price, $300.00.

I'll continue describing the changes in my shop in another post very soon.

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