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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

...that my little online business through Etsy has grown since the California shut down due to COVID19. It's one of the many silver linings in the dark cloud that is the virus. I am thankful and thank YOU for you for considering my little wall decorations for your home.

I have had a few people contact me, asking for particular ideas for grouping a favorite print. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to do some composite prints with the birth flowers.

Here's how it can work. Each painting I do in the birth flower series can become an element that I can place in layers in Photoshop. Then I can arrange them any way I wish.

It looks like this in Photoshop with each layer grouped together. See the little "eye" next to each layer? I can turn them off or on by clicking on that little eye.

Once I arrange the design the way I like it, I can send it to Adobe Illustrator where I can layout and print. I can take any element or any final design and print it in sizes up to 11X14 inches. I can make postage stamps with or a mug or pillow with www.society6, or print in house for my Etsy shop. Any print print larger than 11X14 inches can be made through Society 6.

Here are the individual prints that made up the composite print at the top of this page.

I added a butterfly and a bumble bee to the group. Isn't that fun? I think I'll try these on my wall and see how they work out. Let me know if you have any thing you'd like to try.

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