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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I was chatting with Nancy, from Doodle Graphics this week. We were sharing some of our thoughts about selling our art on the Etsy platform. The subject of mock ups came up. It never crossed my mind that I could purchase photos from professional photographers and, through Photoshop, superimpose my artwork onto walls or shelves photographed for that purpose!

Using Creative Market, it took no time at all to find photos at Moyo Studio I thought would work for showcasing my prints in frames. The beauty of these mock ups is they help both me and my customers to see which prints could be combined to look good together. For example, I have discovered the chrysanthemum and the yellow butterfly look nice on this wall. And isn't it nice to know how grouping the 4 butterflies on a wall will look?

Nancy warned me that mocks could become addictive. So far she was right!

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