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Today is the last day I'll be working on my art for a while. I've pushed the pause button on both my Etsy sites. I need to take some time to have my rotator cuff repaired with surgery on my right shoulder. I'm told there will be a period of recovery where I won't be able to use my arm normally for around 4 to 6 weeks. So, off I go to take a break.

We've had a banner year of rain this year so I am excited and looking forward to the wild flowers in California to be a huge show. If you live locally, I'm working hard to get a good group of greeting cards ready to take into Made In Chico. So, look for lots of wild flower cards there with some butterfly cards.

If you're coming from my Etsy Site, I'll look forward to meeting you there again once I'm recovered. I'll be happy to print and ship again. I will REALLY be missing time spent watercoloring.

If you're coming from the Bear Shop at Etsy, I thought I would show you my plan for my next pattern. I've discovered I have quite a bit of fur left for these little set in muzzle bears.

Thank you for your well wishes!

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