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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

In 1996 I was I was honored to be asked to create the theme bears for a bear convention produced by ABC Productions, a company that promoted dolls and bears and organized shows and conventions for the artists to meet the collectors. In the spring, 1996, these bears graced the banquet tables of a two day convention at Tampa, Florida, titled "Snow White's Teddy Bear Adventure". I made eight of each.

The bear above is named "Wishing", made from Golden Tan Curly mohair. Her dress is cotton and organdy with grosgrain ribbons. She has lock nut washer joints and is filled with poly pellet and poly stuffing. She stands 11 inches tall. Her value was placed at $150.00.

This bear named, "Some Day My Prince Will Come" has all of the same descriptions as her sister above.

I saved their dress patterns and all of their information. I will be able to offer the fur for their bear patterns. I found the files for their dresses one each already cut out. So, I will eventually be putting together kits for them both. Probably after Christmas AND if I can remember how I put together their dresses.

Here is a photo my late husband took after we left the Tampa show.

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