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Thank you so much, those of you who have sent well wishes. I want to say I will be opening the Etsy shops real soon. But I still can't say when. Here's an update.

It's been 6 weeks since my rotator cuff surgery. I'm doing great! The first week was painful, and the ensuing 3 weeks were frustrating because I was fitted with a monster, 2 piece sling. It was extremely cumbersome and because I couldn't sleep while wearing it, I was in a perpetual bad mood. I started physical therapy at 3 weeks, and as soon as I did I started to feel better. I'll, admit, though, I took the offending sling off at that point and never wore it again.

I feel as if I ALMOST have my life back. I'm painting again. Today I finished the painting above, a wild rose from my childhood in Michigan. I'll write about that soon. I am not ready, though, for the pressure of printing and shipping in my Etsy shop; or visiting with bear making buddies to answer questions, rip and ship fur and create patterns.

I can't say for sure when I'll be ready to restart. It will be after May 6, because that is my birthday and since I am turning 80, my family is coming from 3 different directions to drive us to Burney, California, where we will have a family reunion and maybe some fishing fun too. I'm thinking I'll be ready once I return on the 9th of May. I'll keep you posted!

Hugs to you all and thank you again for your concern.

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