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Dominique was nominated for a Toby Award promoted by Teddy Bear and Friends in 1994. Somewhere I have saved the golden ribbon and copies of graphics to promote her.

Here is a photo of Dominique and her bear taken by my late husband before the lady from Amherst who purchased her picked her up to take to her home.

Before my "teddy bear burn out", I was in the process of filling orders for her because a lovely lady, Paula Davis, a dresser for Broadway shows in New York City saw an ad for her in a trade magazine and contacted me. She wanted a Dominique teddy bear, and when I explained her dress was a one-of-a-kind vintage baby dress as was the black hat, she said she could re-create the dress if I would send the bear to her. And I DID! Once those dresses were re-created and shipped to me, I contacted Sharon Panozzo, of Peotone, IL who re-created the hats. The dresses and the hats are gone now. :( But I DO have one Dominique bear all cut out and ready to be sewn. She stands 26 inches tall.

Paula and I had a lovely friendship over the phone and she enjoyed creating dresses for my larger bears. Like me, she loved the concept of vintage clothing with old collars and jewelry. She created many sweet velvet dresses and I have given almost all of them that I had left away to an active teddy bear maker. But not without first saving two for teddy bear sewing kits. One dress I have left is made from black velvet with a vintage collar, trim and petticoat.

The other is a dark green velvet dress with brocade trim, a heavy fabric interwoven with a rich, raised design. Paula made a cute matching hat with holes for her ears. I can hardly wait to offer the two 26 inch bears and their velvet dresses as teddy bear sewingkit as well. I saved enough mohair fur for another Dominique sized teddy bear to go with the green velvet dress and hat.

In addition to the 2 Dominiques, I have 5 more bagged and pre-cut bears for sewing kits. They are:

1. Bethany a 23 inch bear with

1 1/2 inch pile mohair

2. Tatiana a 16 inch snow bear.

3. One last skirt bear, a 16 inch bear with a

plumb colored mohair body and

similar colored velvet skirt fabric

with pink lace trim and 3 white

buttons. Her body fur is the

same as shown in the photo


4. One more 16 inch, set in muzzle bear,

the color of the middle bear in

the photo, only the size of

Shiloh the bear on the right.

5. One more Amanda sized bear, 20 to 21 inches,

with a very dense feathered mohair fur,

1 1/8 inch curly, light tan with

marino wool pads. The hats are still

in stock as I post this update.

I still have one more stack of mohair that needs to be photographed, categorized, and listed. It looks like this. Pretty much more of what I have already listed.

So, if you made it all the way down to the bottom of this post, thank you so much for your interest! Please click here to check and see what I still have in stock. Now you will know what I am busy getting ready for you next.

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19 ago 2023
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Mary your Teddy Bear Update was wonderful! The Dominique story was so lovely. What a history your bears have…you are such an incredible artist with an array of talents. Thank you for sharing.

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Mary Braz
Mary Braz
19 ago 2023
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Thank you, Gayle. You are very kind. ☺️ Your bears and hares are amazing. Thank you for sending the photos. I loved seeing them.

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