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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The surgeon said it would take a year before everything returns back to normal with my leg. Now that I'm able to be a little more active, I have been working on redoing our living room.

Before I could walk around much, I was on my iPad from bed searching for frames. This wall is where I started. The gardenia is original and so is the yellow primrose. The gardenia, violet and fern prints are all available on my Etsy site.

The primrose was painted using instructions from Adelene Fletcher from her book "The Watercolor Flower Painter's A to Z". Even though the painting doesn't look much like hers, I don't feel it's ethical to sell it or offer prints from it. However, I CAN use it on my walls or give it as a gift.

The wall opposite this one was changed a little too. Once the colors I wanted to work with were chosen, the old pillow covers were tossed out. Tones of blue with a touch of yellow to make the primrose above feel important were selected.

I'm working on the rug and the furniture now. These items take time to select and order. So, once that process is completed and I'm happy with what I've done, I'll show a photo of that too.

In the mean time, here are the two new prints that were created for our walls.

The above photo is a study I painted a couple years ago in a class with Annie Mertlick, who is still my favorite artist. I learned how to paint with Sumi Ink using brushes instead of a pen. Even the finer strokes were done with my rigger brush. The original paintings were refined in Photoshop after all these years, and don't they make an interesting wall hanging? I am not selling this print either for the same reasons as above.

The other print I came up with is above. This photo is a mockup of my print created in Photoshop by using some of my fern paintings and a couple small elements for balance, then changing the colors from green to blue . I'm delighted with the way this print turned out.

I've added the blue ferns to my listings on Etsy, including greeting cards because I have a lot of blue envelopes left over from a wedding suite from 2017. They've been waiting for a design such as this one.

My cat friend, Earl, has decided the new throw by Pottery Barn makes a snugly bed. The solid blue pillow is by Crate & Barrel, striped and print pillows are by The Address in Chico.

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