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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

On Pinterest, a photo of my California wildflowers has been getting lots of interest. So, when Etsy asked for a video to promote the listing where the photo came from, I thought I would make one for the California wildflowers.

To be honest, I have been working hard on the Monthly Birth Flowers and the calendars that will be completed and offered soon. It was fun to stop production for a while to learn how to make a video. Yes, I've made a couple before, but I had to learn all over again because it had been so long.

Once I was ready with this video, I discovered (silly me) it was way too long for Etsy who wanted a 5 to 15 second vid. So I'm parking it here because I have to do something with it!

It's a nice way to feature the little Bumpus Californious (our California bumble bee. A new addition to the prints on Etsy.

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