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I was sitting in the car, waiting for hub to finish up, when I noticed a wind swirl.  It was a windy day and leaves were all caught up in the swirl, but when I kept watching I noticed there were dragonflies in there too.  That’s when my imagination took off.  If there were dragon flies, there could be flowers and butterflies in autumn colors too.


Here is a composite of some autumn elements printed earlier, all gathered together and ready for our walls.  I'm framing mine in the matted 5X7 size.  


1.  5X7 inch Art Print.  The art prints are printed onto Arches 140 weight, watercolor paper with ripped edges.


2.  8X10 inch Art Print.


3.  11X14 inch Art Print.

Autumn Swirl with Leaves, Flowers, Butterfly and Dragon Fly

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